Below lists what you can achieve working with Candor Industries.

Rigid, rigid-flex, and flex circuit boards have the same design limits.

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Descriptional Images Specification Design Limit
Minimum Trace Width Minimum Trace Width 2 Mil
Outer Via Pad Size Outer Layer Via Pad Size Class 3: 2 Mil, and capable up to landless via
Line to Line Spacing Line to Line Spacing 2 Mil
Minimum Through Hole Minimum Through Hole Drilled Minimum: 6 Mil
Minimum Buried Via Minimum Buried Via Drilled Minimum: 6 Mil
Minimum Blind Via Minimum Blind Via Drilled Minimum: 4 Mil
Blind Via Aspect Ratio Blind Via Aspect Ratio 8:1 Aspect Ratio
Max PCB Thickness Maximum PCB Thickness 300 mil
Max Number of Layers Number of Layers 40 Layers
Impedance Tolerance Controlled Impedance Tolerance +- 5% or Under Tolerance
Max Board Size Maximum Board Size 19.5" X 22.5"
Copper Thickness Copper Thickness/Density Able to meet customer requirments.
Minimum Drill to Conductor Minimum Drill-to-Conductor 6 Mil (edge of hole to track)
PCB Edge to Conductor PCB Edge to Conductor 2 Mil
Bow and Twist Warp (Bow and Twist) Exceeds IPC-TM-650
Solder Mask DAM Clearance Solder Mask DAM 2 Mil

List of Materials Candor uses.

Material Type Suppliers Products
Regular FR4 Isola, Taiwan Leader, King Board, Ventec KB6160, TLFR4135, FR406, VT42
HiTg FR4 King Board, Panasonic , Ventec, Isola KB6167, R1755v, 370HR, VT47
Special FR4 Isola IS410, FR408
RF / High Frequency Material Rogers, Arlon RO4000, RO4500, AD250
PTFE / High Frequency / Ceramic based Rogers, Arlon RO5880, AD350, AD450
Polyimide Isola, Nelco P96, N25
Getek Isola Getek
BLACK FR4 Ventec VT42-B
Flex Core DuPont, Apexyl AP Series
Flex Adhesive DuPont, Apexyl LF/FR series
Flex Coverlay DuPont, Apexyl LF/FR series

Additional materials can be ordered depending on customer needs.

Turnaround Layer Count
1 day Up To 8 Layers
2 days Up To 16 Layers
3 days Up To 26 Layers
5 days or greater As many as required by customer

Specifications Achievable
Via Plugging Via Plugging No Mask on Via, Partially Plugged, Plugged Mask with Via, and Non-conductive/conductive Epoxy
Solder Mask Colour As per customer requirments
Silkscreen Colour As per customer requirments
Liquid Photo Image-able Silkscreen As per customer requirments
Board Finishes Board Edge Plating
Conductive Carbon Ink
Conductive Via Fill
Non-Conductive Via Fill
Deep Soft Gold
Electrolytic Gold (Hard Gold)
ENIG (Electroless Nickel/Immersion Gold)
Hot Air Solder Level -HASL
Hot Air Tin Level - HAL (Lead Free)
Immersion Silver
Immersion Tin
Electrical Testing Grid Test or Flying Probe Test

Tenting - Partial Plugging Comparison

Tenting VS Partial Plugging

Tenting Definition

Tenting is the product of dry film solder mask covering via holes.

Partial Plugging Definition

Partial plugging is the product of liquid solder mask partially filling a hole.